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What’s holding you back? You probably spend time thinking about what you want in life, but how often do you consider why you have yet to achieve what you want?

What is your barrier? Maybe you desire a raise or a promotion and your company isn’t providing opportunities for growth, your boss has yet to realize your value, your co-workers are a problem or your employees don’t work hard enough. But is this really what’s holding you back?

It’s time to realize that you create most of your own barriers. Here are 10 steps for eliminating the things in life that hold you back.

1. Examine your thoughts. How you think about yourself and your opportunities are in direct alignment with your results. Believe in yourself and your ability to create the results you want to achieve. Sometimes your thoughts are ingrained so deeply you are not even aware of how negative they may be. Make a conscious effort to replay your thoughts during the day. Recognize negative thoughts, discard them and then replace them with positive and encouraging thoughts. Continue this process until you have retrained your thoughts to be naturally positive and encouraging.

2. Create clarity. Lack of clarity can weaken your progress. If you know you want to do something different but have not brought clarity to the results you are trying to achieve, you are stifling your progress. Invest time in yourself and your future by allocating time to contemplate the results you wish to achieve. If you have become frustrated and confused about what you really want, this is where you begin. Each day create an environment (meditate, take a walk, relax) where you can clear your mind and project yourself in your professional future.

3. Change habits and choices. Your habits lead the choices you make (consciously or subconsciously) which bring the results you have currently. If you want to change your results, you must change your habits and choices. Once you have examined your thoughts and created clarity about your future, you must bring your habits and choices into awareness.

4. Eliminate self-justification. If you want to make progress you must stop justifying that it’s OK to be where you are. Be aware of justifications that take you out of the game — ”It’s too hard, it will take too long. I’m not smart enough. People just don’t understand. Change is not safe. The economy is so bad, I should be grateful for what I have. I’ll start tomorrow.”, The reality is dealing with justifications will feel as if you are arguing with yourself. Your head wants you to stay safe and will sound intelligent as it tries to keep you from making progress.

5. Quit the blame game. Until you are willing to take full responsibility for your results, blame will seem appropriate. While blaming, you become a victim and changing your results will become impossible. Why? Because if you are blaming others you are telling yourself you have no say in where you have ended up in life and it is someone else’s responsibility to change your results. Eliminating blame releases a shadow over your thoughts, and you begin to see the accountability you have had all along and the opportunities that are all around you.