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crackle movie streaming

In today’s era it’s all about technology, and with technology, there comes a lot of entertainment. For decades we are all fans of accessing media. And watching movies is one of the most happening activities. And it’s not like the ancient era where you have to wait for the movies releasing on the TVs or going to those theatres. There are several sites that offer you watching and I bring you here 15 top best free online movie streaming sites.

Today, it’s all very simple, and just a click away if you have an internet connection then it’s a smooth process. There are many sites that offer you just click and watch ability. So if you wanna just sit on that couch with all your friends and watch any movie of your choice then seriously this article is the best for you. Many of them don’t require been signup, and they are totally free to access. So let’s move forward knowing these fifteen best sites and enhance your dreaming experience.

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15 Top Best Free Online Movie Streaming Sites

#1 Crackle


crackle movie streaming

If you are internet savvy, you surely know this name. Crackle is one the most popular streaming sites out there. The most amazing feature is the neat management of the site that increases visits every day. Here you can find all media or almost any movie that you wish to watch. It is the widest and most updated platform for streaming. Just one-time registration is required, but guys that come totally free of cost and just started exploring the unlimited adventure. Also, you can access TV shows, award functions, and much more. There are full-length episodes and all the series, and for the movies, the site presents you full length and uncut versions.

#2 Popcornflix


Popcornflix movie streaming

Well, just like the first one Popcornflix also features all the updated content to give your choices of TV shows and movies. This place is totally free to access, and there are lots of movies that you can have as per your choice. The updating process is pretty quick that get you latest movies and shows in all the genres like drama, romance, comedy, horror, thriller, action, even documentaries, and much more. Also, account creation is not needed, so it’s really click and watch experience. The genres are all on the main page that you can scroll until you find your favorite one, just click it, and it presents you a pretty side collection of movies in every genre.

#3 Hulu [Free for 1 Week]


Hulu movie streaming

Hulu requires you to subscribe to the services, but it’s worth your investment. Also, you can keep up with the trial and subscribe if you think your money is in the right place. Hul offers all types of movies, TV shows, and even the animation. It is one of the biggest platforms that are well-known for their incredible streaming services. You can watch trailers, short videos other than watching full-length content. Live shows are an attractive feature if you want to make it your regular TV so Hulu deserves a subscription else you can stick with other sites mentioned here.

#4 Viewster


Viewster movie streaming

Viewster is not just famous for the latest movie releases, but it’s one of the well-known anime streaming sites too. The content is endless here for movies, anime, animated movies, TV series, and much more. So the site remains entertaining all time and you can go out of content. This offers a guaranteed fun to everyone who loves online streaming of movies. You can download the app to your smartphone too or access it via pc for a wide and high-quality watch. Movies here differ in languages so you can choose the one you understand easily and this way it has content for all the age groups.

#5 Cartoon HD


Again a well-known website for movies streaming that offers you free service and supports a wide range of devices such as your PC, smartphones, PS, Xbox one, etc. The content is huge here which expands Episodes, complete series, movies, and cartoons too. So if you love to stream a wide variety of media in all the genres, then this is the perfect place for you. All things here are in HD, so surely it is worth every second of your time wherever you are in the mood for watching something fantastic.

#6 Movies123


Well, this one is my personal favorite because it features all the latest movies on the top of the screen so I don’t go anywhere and just browse the main page and I’m done. So guys to have the same experience you can access this website anytime and the releases here are Jumanji, Downsizing which are fantastic movies. After clicking on the movie it presents you a page full of info about that movie such as the trailer very first, a little description with ratings, cast. Here you click regular stream and it presents you some links one or two that you can copy and paste in the URL space, and there you go watching that one.

#7 Fmovies


Here you go with to any registration and stream high-quality movies, and that’s the reason I put it among the best online movie streaming sites. The no sign-in is the best feature that means you just click your favorite movie and sit back and watch till the end. Other than all genres for movies it also features TV series, even animation, etc. also this brings you movies by countries and all the latest releases on the screen. Just like Ferdinand the animated movie is available here, and the quality is mentioned on the poster itself and currency it is in Cam but no worries they will update it soon.

#8 CmoviesHD


CMoviesHD is a home of all; type of movies belonging to all genres so you can go and select your favorite genre and continue here. One of the best sites that offers easy navigation and access to all its content. Here you find all the latest movies, shows, episodes, and you can also filter choosing the A-Z list, Country, Year, and several other options. Coco that already has got the best-animated movie award is there as the recently released and in full HD. So it’s a great experience every time I visit here, and I really love this website for my media requirements.

#9 Xmovies8


Here you can filter your choice according to the Year, Country, Genres and other varieties. On the screen, there are recent releases, for both movies and episodes with a wide array of cartoon too. This also ensures a good quality or HD for most of the videos. Hence here it is as one of the top movie streaming sites. The entire experience remains free of cost where every category is described such as Hollywood, Bollywood, Chinese, etc. so if you think this fits your voice best then go with the Xmovies8.fm and ease your way more than ever.

#10 123Movies Life


The best thing is the clean interface of the site with very easy navigation.it features all the movies just in front of you on the main page. And you can set the filters by going to that navigation and choose by Genre, Release Year, Trending, etc. it is a free place to stream movies and TV shows. Also, the site depicts the quality on the chart of the movie such as HD, cam, SD, and others. So you can have a clear info and see ratings beforehand and then you can proceed with the one you want.

#11 Go Movies


It lies here among the best free movie streaming sites because it brings you a wide media with several filter options so you can have your choice. Just a sign up is required here and you can set your preferences. Also, there are some ads, so if you can bear with it, the site is really a good option for the streaming purposes.  Here movies are according to the country’s, Top IMDB, A-Z list, Genre, and other ones too. Also, it features the latest news related to the entertainment world so media freaks can come here and get all the latest content with TV shows as well.

#12 Movie4K


Movie4K brings you a nice collection where you can find the latest movies, featured, top 50. TV shows are also available, and the experience is nice with a dark theme that makes the content easily viewable. There are hundreds of movies here so you can’t go out of content and the site brings you genres also so you can choose one of them. It also allows you to select according to the Year, Quality such as 1080p, 360p, 720p, Bluray, Cam, DVD. For the genre, it shows how many movies ion that particular category. Being among the top movie streaming sites, it’s a pretty good website for streaming.

#14 Movies Planet


A light-themed website that provides TV shows and movies and both according to the genres. So you can have your choice of genre in TV series too. From the latest to the oldest, it features all of them. You just need to have good serving skills, and you are always good with this site. The site mainly features Hollywood content, so if Hollywood is your ultimate choice, then it is the best place for that. From classic to sci-fi it has all the content for everyone, and also there are no irritating ads or registration, so it’s freely accessible.

#15 YesMovies.co


The last one in the list but still has some great content in several categories. There are several qualities too as HD, HD cam, and HC. Also, it brings you complete TV series that come with every episode at full length. The navigation is very easy where you can select movies by genre and country like India, France, Japan, UK, Thailand, etc. the website has some Google ads which surely helps the owner, but it will be a nice experience for you guys. You find the Requested Section too in which you can watch movies recruited by other viewers.



Best free movie streaming sites should have all the content from the movies to the TV series and much more. And all these 15 top best free online movie streaming sites mentioned here have a wide array of content. These are deserving movie sites where you are able to stream at free of cost, and the content gets updated regularly. So guys have a great streaming experience.




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