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A slew of announcements about voice over Wi-Fi are contributing to the buzz at Fall VON in Boston.

Net2Phone, for instance, has announced the first product in its suite of wireless VoIP solutions for service providers: the VoiceLine XJ100 Wi-Fi Handset. The device takes advantage of the features and functionality of Net2Phone’s VoiceLine broadband telephony service, so service providers can offer SIP-based hosted wireless telephony as an enhancement to their existing product set.

By removing the tether from wireline services, we have extended the availability of VoIP to customers who have access to wireless broadband,” says Stephen Greenberg, CEO at Net2Phone. “By enabling service providers with a Wi-Fi VoIP solution that builds upon our existing broadband telephony solutions, we have created one more method to enhance their service offering to their customers.”

The VoiceLine XJ100 Wi-Fi Handset enables inbound and outbound calling and allows users to choose from a U.S. local, U.S. toll-free or U.K. toll-free telephone number, no matter where they reside globally. In addition, it supports a wide range of telephony features, including voice mail, Caller ID and call forwarding. Future products in the Net2Phone Wi-Fi suite will include a softphone client that enables PDAs as well as desktop and laptop computers with Wi-Fi VoIP service.

Net2Phone routes calls over wireless IP networks to its SIP-based platform, which performs call management, provides Class 5 features, billing, provisioning and enhanced services, and facilitates access to the PSTN.

Startup DiamondWare Ltd. has announced the Wi-Fone product, a SIP-based softphone for PocketPC, which will be available via its partner, Voiceworks. Wi-Fone users can make and receive calls from any PSTN number over WLAN infrastructure, and, being based on SIP, it can connect to a SIP hardware phone, gateway or IP PBX.

Xten also released its new PocketPC softphone, X-PRO v2.2, today as part of a new mobile VoIP strategy, The wireless IP communications effort will leverage Xtens new mobile OS softphones and SDK development for VoIP, video over IP, instant messaging and presence awareness deployments on wireless networks.

We felt it was the right time to boost our support for wireless networks and various mobile operating systems starting with a complete rebuild of our Windows Mobile Pocket PC SIP softphone, says Erik Lagerway, COO at Xten. Soon the majority of the SIP endpoints will exist in the form of wireless handsets, it was only natural for us to go down this path.

This could be the tip of the iceberg, as demand for wireless IP local area networks continues to grow. Pyramid Research projecting 700 million Wi-Fi users globally by 2008.