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Viewster Free Streaming Website Review

Everyone loves to watch movies and TV episodes, and due to the internet technology, it is the time of streaming mostly. People now stream their favorite content and it is not about watching on TVs anymore. However, finding a reliable and free of cost streaming platform is not that easy especially when there are hundreds of websites. So, as the solution, Viewster can be your option that offers online streaming of movies and TV shows at free of cost.

Viewster is a website that also offers an app for your smartphone as well. Here we will talk about the different aspects of Viewster so you get to know it well.

Genres That Viewster Offers

ViewsterViewster offers you movies and TV shows in various genres that are both the most common ones and the unique ones as well. If you prefer watching animes then you can find anime series going on. To choose your favorite genre, you need to locate ‘Browse’ that is in the top section of the website. Here you see a lot of categories like action, comedy, drama, documentary, animation, war, romance, and several others.

In Channels section, you can find some amazing ongoing TV series having different genres. ‘Channels’ is like the center of attraction in Viewster as it features all the entertaining stuff such as ‘How It Should Have Ended’ ‘Screen Junkies’ other than ‘All-Time Series.’

To get a more personalized experience signing up is the best way here. After the registration, you can follow any channel that you like so you never miss the update by getting it in your email. There are always filters for the genres that you can select and get that particular kind of stuff to stream. So for the types of categories, Viewster gets the scores.

Video Quality On Viewster

Well, for video quality, the player defines an option from where you can choose it. The quality can be selected from 234p to 720p according to your preference and internet stability. So, Viewster wins in this area too because it offers you several options for the video quality.

However, if you are a person who always prefers to watch ultra-HD or 1080p quality videos, then you may be somewhat disappointed because Viewster is not about the Ultra-HD quality. The smoothness while playing video is pretty good that handles an average internet connection and fails only if the speed is too low. To get the best mode, set it to Auto and the quality will be adjusted as per your internet speed. Overall, for the quality, Viewster does a pretty wise job that viewers can consider it.

Player Options That You Get In Viewster-


You get plenty of options in the player so you can set the preferences as per your choice. The player stays simple and easy to operate that gives you a play and pause option, volume controls, full-screen ability, and video quality control.

Viewers do not get any advanced options like any paid website offers. You cannot choose subtitles but they are added by default in foreign movies. On the page, you also get the suggestions for similar videos and that is quite a handy option you get. The Embed option lets you pick up any video in My Videos section so you can have them for future steaming.

Platforms Viewster Operates On

Other than the website, Viewster offers you apps for different platforms so you can stream in your smartphone, smart TV like Amazon, Chromecast, Apple, Roku, and others. iPhone users can have Viewster too and get a tidy streaming experience on iOS.

There is no sign in required if you don’t want to. However, if you want Viewster to remember your choice then you can go with the registration, and get suggestions based on your watch history.

And What About Ads?

Well, this is one of the main aspects that can either bring thousands of viewers on any platform or drive them away. With Viewster, ads happen because it is free of cost platform that lets you stream without paying anything. So, it is obvious that ads occur and you have to manage with them. These ads occur while watching videos but since you are paying nothing, it should be acceptable.


Viewster can be a perfect source of streaming for those who do not want to spend much data and don’t expect advanced options. It needs only the average type of internet connection and this way you can browse through several categories in a little time.

The quality can be selected and there are subtitles in videos. My Videos section can be a blessing if you want your choices to be saved. Overall, this is worth your time if you are fine with all the described aspects.

Viewster Alternatives

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