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How to Free up Space on iPhone

Most common wishes that all people who own Apple devices have are, why there is no possibility to add SD card. It would be great because you could store your unneeded material and data without interfering with systems memory. If you run out of storage, that could be annoying because you will have numerous limitations. The reason for that is because Apple main focus is to secure your phone from any additional issues and that is the reason why they don’t work with SD slots. Sometimes you will also get the error iPhone storage full but nothing on phone.

How to Increase iPhone Storage Capacity by Cleaning Up

If you are a frequent user which work depends on storage, you will have numerous issues of how to make room for additional data. With below steps, you can increase iPhone storage capacity.

We are here to present you tips on how to free up space on your iPhone.

1. How to free up space on iPhone Using iCloud

Most people don’t understand how to sync their own internet drives with the device in order to free your unnecessary data. When you have numerous media files such as videos and photos, you can always choose to use official Apple cloud service called iCloud that contains 5 GB of free storage. If you want to purchase more memory, for one dollar you will be able to use 50 GB and if you want to use more than that, the price is ten dollars.

The idea is to go on the option called Optimize iPhone Storage so that your phone could automatically shift high-resolution photos and videos on cloud storage in order to free your database.

  • You just have to tap on Settings and then
  • find iCloud and when you reach it tap on Photos
  • And you just have to tap that you want them to be saved automatically.

That will free your space and you will be able to video and photo shoot without thinking of your storage.

2. Delete Media Files and Apps

This is the first line of defense if you don’t have enough space in your storage. Just delete some of your unused apps and media files in order to save the space on your Apple device. Of course, we are not saying that you should delete everything that you have on your phone because in that scenario your phone would not be useful; we are talking about deleting unnecessary apps that are just taking too much space without any reasons.

  • You should go to Settings and
  • then click General.
  • You will see Usage and when you tap it go to Manage Data. That is the way that you could see all apps and their data usage.

delete some of your unused apps and media files

You will be able to analyze which apps take more space than others, and if you are not keen on using them, you can always delete them and try to find the other app that is similar and that doesn’t include that much memory. You should always understand that music apps are those with the top position of memory usage and they are frequently eating your storage space. If you have some unnecessary apps for music, try deleting them first and you will see how much space you will free in a second.

3. Turn Off Auto-Saving Text Messages

The other possibility that will provide you more memory on your storage is to decline possibility to save all text messages because that way you will save more space. In most of the iPhones, messages are saved automatically, but you don’t need the first one that you have sent from years ago.

  • Just go on the option to erase messages that are older than one month, by clicking on Settings and then Messages.
  • You will find Message History and Keep Messages, and after you see an option that says forever, you just have to unmark it if you don’t want to save any messages at all.

Turn Off Auto-Saving Text Messages

If you want to keep the new messages and only to erase old ones, you can set it easily just go to Settings and Messages, then Message History and Keep Messages. When you see option forever, you should switch it to 30 days and you will be released.

4. Turn off Normal Photo Saving

If you have a camera with HDR features you have to understand that photos and videos are the main sources of your full database. If you don’t want to use storage for double saving possibilities, after you turn it off it will save your memory amazingly. For example, if someone sends you a photo through messenger or WhatsApp, the picture will be immediately saved in your gallery. The same thing goes with Instagram.

The idea is to turn off the option to immediately save photos.

Turn off Normal Photo Saving

  • Just open the settings and find the Camera and Photos.
  • When you scroll to the bottom you will find this particular option, and you just unmark it and your storage will be cleaned from unnecessary photos.

5. Keep a Track on the Free Storage

The iPhone is different than other Android phones because you have limited memory without the possibility to add more. So you have to be extra careful in order to manage your storage space. You can use all these methods and tips that we have shown you, however, before you use them, try to control your database space by installing only apps that have less memory.

6. Delete Your Browser Cache

Everyone is familiar with the idea that your web browser saves everything that you have visited no matter when and no matter where. That saving is not that big, but after some time it could accumulate into a huge amount of space. In order to free space on Safari you should follow these steps:

  • Tap Settings and then Safari and you will have the possibility to Clear history and website data.
  • Just tap Delete and you will erase everything that happened such as history and cache files from this particular browser.

Delete Your Browser Cache Safari

If you are using Google Chrome, you just have to click history when you open it and tap Clear Browsing data and your storage will be freed from unnecessary cache files.

Delete Your Browser Cache Chrome


It is difficult to control your database storage because we all like to have everything installed, just in case that we needed it sometime. In these situations, it is better to install only those apps that you seriously need and later on you could add more if you have a specific reason for that. The idea is not to add without any thinking, but be certain that you should manage your database clearly. It is always better to buy iPhone with maximum storage, even though it is more expensive because you have to understand that what you buy that will stay, you won’t have the possibility to add more. That is why we made an article that presented you tips on how to free up space on your iPhone.