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IP provider SunRocket, which targets mainstream American households, is incorporating a platform into its SunRocket Signature Service to give users enhanced voice mail features and access. SunRocket is using Oryx/NEXT, an open source VoIP platform, from uReach Technologies Inc., a communications application provider.

SunRocket IP home phone service now allows users to define how they want to receive voice mail alerts, whether via SMS, e-mail or instant messaging. Some telephones also support message-waiting lights. Oryx/NEXT also automatically sends voice mail audio files to e-mail and lets users check messages from the Web. SunRocket says real-time PC-based voice mail screening even lets users listen to messages remotely as they are being recorded, via a computer, with the option intercept the message and answer the call.

SunRocket introduced its VoIP services earlier this month. The company also is using TeleGea�s VoIP Delivery Management technology for voice and data services.