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Games like Minecraft

Minecraft is already a popular game in the sandbox category. It is full of creativity and supports multiplayer that can handle players from all around the world. Players create their own game using 3D blocks; they mine to gather resources, craft the gatherings, explore the endless world of Minecraft and enjoy like hell.

If you are looking for the almost same experience like Minecraft, then there are a few alternatives that you can go with.  Let’s begin talking about these games and their gameplay.

Similar Games like Minecraft

#1 The Forest

The Forest

The Forest brings you the survival mode same as Minecraft, in the game you need to survive on a peninsula where you reach after your plane crashes down. Here you explore, gather material, and build things to save your existence.

Gameplay doesn’t come easy because there are creatures hungry for you and their aggressiveness may lead you to life loss or serious injuries. For survival, the player gets several gadgets too like torches, fire sticks, and other material to build a trap. Like its name, the game has a forest-like theme where you survive until you die. The environ of wilderness and survival mode like Minecraft will surely excite you to try this game.

#2 Roblox


Roblox is very similar game to Minecraft because not just the concept but the character remain almost same. Also, it belongs to the sandbox genre where the player goes on survival, hunts down the opponents, collects what is important and build something useful.

Gameplay is majorly about building and surviving; here you can build anything that you can imagine. The game is full of different worlds where you can have fun as Roblox also promotes the social aspects of the players. Another exciting thing is that you can create any number of thongs and sell them to earn virtual currency.

#3 Terasology


The third one is Terasology, the game seems an alternative to Minecraft, but it is a lot more than that. Here you are a lost explorer who put endless efforts for survival. The concept may remain same, but there are several elements that make Terasology more than just being a Minecraft alternative.

The gameplay revolves around the player who is lost and returning home is the mission of this game. During their journey, you explore endless cities, forests, and the regular updates present much-improved user interface, AI, and the entire world of blocks.

#4 Terraria


The next alternative that remains in 2D mode but features the same survival genre. The game brings you several missions that are full of explorations, gatherings, building, and fight against opponents. The player gets tools to mine and going through underground caves.

Gameplay also brings you combats against several filthy creatures like zombies, demons, and other monstrous things. There are NPCs as well with which payers can business some items they found on the journey and gain some currency. You can also bring the NPCs to your house by attracting them; health level is there too that player needs to manage.

#5 Castle Story

Castle Story

It is a strategy based game that happens in real time. Here players work as workers who are tasked to gather resources, build units like castles and fight off enemies. There are other several tasks too that you perform as being a worker and exploration is a part of course.

The gameplay takes place on a floating island where workers are known as Bricktrons. The strategic gameplay is the main attraction to grab this game plus the elements like Minecraft make it worthy to play. Players also get their troops that they can send to diminish the opponents’ army.