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Hulu Review - Stream Movies, Tv Shows and Anime

Hulu is one of the most popular premium streaming platforms like Netflix. The platform keeps updating content regularly in HD and ultra-HD quality. There are always new movies, series, animation, and other exciting media on Hulu. There are many sides of Hulu and the same I am going to discuss here so you can have a perfect review about Hulu and its services.

Hulu Plans Or Pricing

Hulu Plans Or Pricing

Hulu does not give free movie streaming service anymore, gone are those days when Hulu used to support free viewers. Now, to take advantage of all its media, viewers have to pay for the subscription which starts from $7.99 per month. Though there is a trial that is a bit of relaxing for those who first want to try Hulu’s services by making the series of payments.

There is not just one plan, but there are many that differ in price and facilities. The higher you go, the more content, quality and fewer ads you get. If you want it for live TV as well then go for the $39.99 package, and similarly, there are various packages.


Video Quality

Hulu Review - Stream Movies, Tv Shows and AnimeMany people consider that being the popular streaming platform Hulu offers videos in high quality like HD or 4K. However, it is not the case with every single video. The quality may differ, you may not find 4K for every video, but there is a filter option that displays you only HD quality videos if selected. For this aspect, Hulu does not win more points than other platforms like Amazon and Netflix.

Hulu’s Web Interface

Those who have already subscribed to Netflix are not going to find Hulu’s interface that much attractive and user-friendly. It is true that Hulu does not look appealing for the interface and it does not perform a great job in presenting the content after being a paid platform.

Another disadvantage is that Hulu does not allow downloading any video to watch tv shows later like Netflix and Amazon offer. This may be the biggest turn off for new users who think about subscribing to Hulu.

How Is The Anime On Hulu?

There are millions of fans for animation who subscribe to the premium platforms particularly for anime. For anime, Hulu does a pretty good job as there are plenty of titles so the viewers can keep themselves engaged. There are animations for all ages such as My Hero Academia, One Punch Man, and there are classics too if you are an old school.

On Hulu, you will find both subs and dubs, and that means dubs are not the case every time and mostly it is just subs that you have to bear with.

It’s important to know how to tell if a movie streaming site is legal and not infringing on copyrights. Fortunately, Hulu is 100% legal.

Hulu Apps

In this section, Hulu wins as you can play it on various devices. Hulu lets you download the app for Android, live TVS like Amazon, Apple, and Roku. Even you can have it on your PlayStations like Xbox and Nintendo Switch. iOS users are welcome too to experience Hulu’s services in their iPhones. However, there are some limitations in apps as they show only some of the options.

Free Hulu Alternatives

It includes ViewsterSnagFilmsYidio, YouTube, Classic Cinema Online, Tubi TV, Veoh, Internet Archive Movie Archive, Free Movies CinemaPopcornflix, and Watch Documentary.