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How To Identify A Legal Movie Streaming Website

Do you always want to access the streaming sites that are legal and will not make you face trouble in future? Well, we all want to do that, but these days it is hard to find whether a site is legal or not. Fortunately, there are some hints that you can check and make sure you are accessing genuine streaming platform.

These are very easy ways, and if you are able to find most of the points from below mentioned content, you can go to that particular site.

#1 The Website Always Displays The Source Of Content

It is the primary identity of legit websites, a website that does not hide its source from where it gets the content is always a legit one. This means they are not stealing anyone content and they have full permission from the websites they are getting it.

Most of the times these streaming websites pay some amount to the film studios or the original content producer to stream the content. For example, you stream through Sony Crackle in a legit way because they gather content from Sony Pictures and in the same way Popcornflix uses Screen Media Ventures. Now, these platforms as you can see are always open to show their sources and this depicts a site’s legitimacy.

To find the information about the source you can visit About us page of any website and there you get to know the source.

#2 There Are Running Ads for Making Money

Another way of identifying a legit website is by having a look at the ads running. These ads should be Google advertisements that sometimes appear in videos you stream and on the website itself. However, if you are noticing some unusual situation like several pop-ups, new tabs that take you to surveys, lottery winning forms, or any software downloading page then this is a warning. You should not continue visiting these websites because they are not legit, these are not google ads.

You’ll see these commercials while watching free movies at many of the websites, including ViewsterYidio, and SnagFilms.

We have shared free streaming movie website comparison chart where you can see which websites have movies in which category.

#3 You Will Always Find Contact Information

A legit website always shows the contact information because they are not doing anything wrong and so they let you see the contact info. This way, you can get back to them using the phone numbers provided or filling up that contact form. Look for the info either in About Us or Contact Us page.

#4 There’s A Mobile App

To identify a legit website, you can use this point too. Though it is not the case every time but most of the times this trick can be used. Legit websites always have their apps for platforms like Android and iOS and these platforms already take care of any illegal sources and they do not let them continue. So, if you have found out an app for the website, you can go ahead with that because you are in safe zone now.

We have a list of free movie apps which has several apps that let you stream 100% legal movies and shows.

#5 You Do Not Find New Movies Instantly

Take it as a serious sign, sites that publish new movies when they are still running in theatres are known as illegitimate websites. You should save yourself from visiting them. On the other hand, there is a website that still shows the other ones is undoubtedly a legit site. It is the way to check legitimacy because no one permits any website for streaming the newly released movies. If you wish to continue with new movies, then you can rent them by paying the price.

#6 You See A Wikipedia Page

If you are still in doubt with any particular website, then name it on Google and see if there is any Wikipedia page exists. Sites or apps that have a Wikipedia page are always legit. Wikipedia makes them legit because there is complete information about them on this page and this means they are not trying to hide anything. Every legit website always has a Wikipedia page such as Hotstar, Crackle, Voot, etc.

#7 Check For The VPN Warning

Illegal websites often can be identified with the warnings they show you when you visit them.

If you see any warning or recommendations to use VPN or anything to hide your IP, then it is obvious that the site is not using any permission to stream movies legally. The software doesn’t have to be VPN every time, but any website offering any third-party software does not fall in the legit websites category.

These are some possible ways that you can use to look out for the legal website and save yourself from the illegal ones.