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Fix iPhone that Won't Download or Update Apps

If you ever had a problem with your iOS devices where you couldn’t update or download apps, don’t worry we decided to create an article that will answer your question: “How to fix iPhone that won’t download or update apps?” As soon as you engage into iOS devices, you have to understand that their particular operating system is protected, so it is more difficult to determine what the problem is and to fix it as Android devices.

iPhone and App Issues:

There are more than million apps on App Store available, and most of them are potentially great because most of these apps have to pass through and strict procedure until they reach the store. Sometimes it happens that iPhone doesn’t update the latest version of apps that you contain, and in some cases, there are reported problems with installation and downloading. However, there are solutions to these problems but you have to follow steps that we will present you.

Steps to fix iPhone that won’t download or update apps:

1. Internet connection

  • The first thing that you have to do is to make sure that your iOS device is connected to a cellular data network or Wi-Fi because if it is not you won’t be able to update any app and that could be an issue.
  • In order to find out, you should click on Settings and then find Wi-Fi and check if it is turned on.
  • In order to check if your cellular data is on, you have to go to Settings and then go to Cellular and be certain that data is turned on.
  • Sometimes your iOS device cannot download or update apps is because you have poor internet connection, in order to see what is going on it is better to switch from Wi-Fi to cellular data and see if there is any change, if it is not returned to Wi-Fi, because sometimes connection could be poor even though you are connected.

2. Airplane mode

  • There could be an issue if you Airplane mode is enabled, that could happen sometimes if you tap something that you don’t want. The idea is to turn it off and everything will be solved in a matter of seconds.
  • However, if there is any problem with the connection, you should just use this simple trick and maybe it will solve the problem.
  • Go to Settings and turn the Airplane mode on and wait for 30 seconds and turn it back off. Even though it sounds illogical and crazy, do it and it may solve your connection problems?

3. Restart App Store app

There comes a time when App Store could behave strangely and they could stop working, and in order to fix the downloading problem, you just have to force the exit of the app and launch it again.

  • You just have to tap the Home button twice, and you will get to see all apps that you have used recently. Swipe and close the App Store and as soon as you do that launch it again. It may help your connection and it may give you the full possibility of downloading.

Swipe and close the App Store

4. Date & Time – Set Automatically

In some moments, apps won’t work because the date and time are changed or not specifically turned on, that means that you should go to Settings and turn on Set Automatically for Date & Time that could solve your problem.

  • Go to Settings
  • You will see General
  • Tap Date & Time and you will find the option that you have to turn on and it is called “Set Automatically”
5. Restart your iPhone

There are many different complaints from iPhone users that App Store won’t download apps anymore and there are many different reasons for that, however, most of the people are not interested and they are afraid of restarting their device.

So before you decide to find other and complicated solutions, try this particular one because in 50% of times it will work after that.

Turn off your phone and turn it on again after one minute.

6. Sign Out From The App Store

This is another solution that could help you start downloading and updating old and new applications. It will solve your problem, but you must follow these steps:

  • Go to Settings
  • Scroll down until you find iTunes & App Store
  • You will see your Apple ID and you have to tap on it.
  • And you will have to tap on Sign Out.
  • Wait for few minutes and sign in again.
7. Renew Lease

There is a solution that could help you with downloading issues for your Apple device, and Renew Lease could solve a problem. It is very simple and you just have to follow these steps:

  • Tap the Settings
  • Find Wi-Fi
  • You will find all available networks and you have to click on your own and you will get the option to Renew Lease.
  • If there is any problem with the connection, it should be over.
8. Free up some storage space on your iPhone

Sometimes if you don’t have enough storage on your device, it won’t be able to update and download apps. All you have to do is to free your space.

First, you have to start with apps that you are not using frequently and then photos, music, and videos. Before you delete them you should backup them or send them to your drive, so that you can use them again when you find space and moment. It is important to clean your device from unused apps.

  • On the Home screen, you will be able to find an icon that you want to delete.
  • Hold the app until it starts moving.
  • You will see X at the right angle of the icon, just tap it and press deletes when it asks you.
  • The app will be deleted instantly.
9. Update the software

There are many version of the software that comes out every single month, and with new software, apps must be compatible with new software and sometimes if you don’t update frequently your device, you won’t be able to download and update apps. There are two ways to update the software, through iTunes or wirelessly.

How to update the iOS software wirelessly:

  • Connect your iPhone to the power source and connect to Wi-Fi network
  • Go to Settings and scroll down until you find Software Update
  • You just have to tap Download and Install Now and it will be over in a matter of minutes.

How to update the iOS software using iTunes:

  • First, you have to download the latest version of iTunes.
  • Connect your device to PC
  • Launch iTunes and select your device
  • You will find the option called Summary
  • When you enter it, find the Check for Updates and click Download and Update and wait until it’s over.

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We have presented a few successful ways on How to Fix iPhone that Won’t Download or Update Apps? The main idea is to use every single possibility before you go to the service provider where you have to pay in order to fix your device.

If you have an idea for more solutions, comment in the section below so that we could have your own experience as a user.