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People from all over the world are using Instagram, and there are some of you that worry about monthly data usage and that is why we are going to answer how much data does Instagram use and how to stop the excess data usage?

How Much Data does Instagram use?

People who have limited access to data usage are in all ways limited and if you already have that kind of contract, it is better to control and manage your usage before you run out of it. Most of the people frequently use and immediately download as soon as they get a new device with apps such as Instagram, Netflix, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Snapchat. The reason for that is because you will be able to use it directly on your phone without any additional issue. However, most of these apps will consume your data all the time.

  • Browsing through Instagram for an hour could, for instance, use up 100 MB of mobile data and every day you soon reach 3 GB per month.

How to check your data usage on iOS:

  • On iPhone it is very easy to check your data usage you just have to enter into settings then click the cellular.
  • Apps will be divided in the alphabetical list and you will see small numbers of how many data has it used till then.
  • Scroll until you find the particular app that you want to check, in this case, Instagram.
  • It is good to know that you should reset settings in order to track right and to have the right information in front of you because in iPhone you will be able to see all data that has been using since you have installed the app.

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How to check your data usage on Android:

  • For Android it is the similar way, you just have to tap settings.
  • You will see menu and you have to reach wireless and network
  • After that check data usage and find the app that you want to see.

How to Control the data usage while using Instagram?

1. Stop preloading videos and photos

Stop preloading videos and photos Instagram

It is important to know that your device sets automatically autoplay, which means that you will lose lots of more data than usual. If you want to control the usage, it is always better to prevent videos from preloading if you are on a cellular connection. In order to do that you have to follow these steps:

  • Open Instagram, go to your profile and tap settings
  • Find cellular data use
  • Tap in order to turn on the toggle switch for Use Less Data
  • When you do so, Instagram will know that you are not able to use all its features when you are using your cellular connection.

2. Turn off notifications

It is always better to turn off notifications if you want to control your data usage. It is very easy to use and you just have the connection and if you turn off notifications problems will be solved and you will use much less data than before.

Turn off notifications Instagram

  • Clean your camera roll
  • Every time you make a picture on Instagram it will immediately save in your gallery which will consume additional data.
  • Tap on your profile
  • Hit the options
  • Unmark “Save Original Photos”.

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Using an application such as Instagram is always a risk for your data consumption, however, we have shown you how much data does Instagram use and how to check it and in the same time manage it in order to control your monthly usage.