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How Much Data Does Google Maps Use

There are many people from all over the world that use Google Maps in order to find a route, to explore the setting and many more features, however, most of you has wondered how much data does Google Maps use? The answer to this question will be answered in this particular article and it is important to know how much data your apps are using in order to determine and control the amount that you must not suppress.

What is Google Maps?


Google Maps is service that is developed by Google and it provides you with satellite imagery, 360 degrees of panoramic view of streets, street maps, a real-time traffic condition and route planning that you can write directly on it in order to know where are you going and how to go there. It first started as a desktop program made in C++ and developed by Jens and Lars Elise up Rasmussen in Where 2 Technologies. After they were acquired by Google, it became web application and it featured many imports of geospatial data visualization and acquisitions in order to get a real-time traffic analyzer and it was launched finally in the beginning of 2005.

Google Maps is an application that will provide you satellite view and most high-resolution images of cities from aircraft and other images from satellites and down below. There are more than 7 thousand employees that worked on developing map and all its details and it is still working on.

How much data does Google Maps use?

There are many different ways to use Google Maps and the most frequent one is for GPS navigation system. There are many different ways of determining how much data has been used, for example, in older phones there were Google Maps that used only 750 kb per minute, which is a great deal, however, we have to understand what you should use in order to control the usage data.

First, everything depends whether you are looking for satellite or high-resolution imagery that is zoomed in because all these features will make your map bigger, with more details and therefore with more data that has been used because of it. There are different applications that you can download that could help you determine how much data you are spending on which app, however, if you don’t want to download anything because that is also spending your data, you just go to settings and check data usage for all important apps that you have installed.

We tried to do few different tests that will help you understand and determine the exact amount of data that this particular app uses:

  1. At first, we tried to clear the cache and to drive GPS from point A to point B with voice on the highway and urban streets and after 15 miles this particular app has used 8 MB.
  2. The next time we tried the same route, the map was caught, which means that it was used before and therefore the app remembered it. The same route spent only 2 MB. Which means that it is better to go in already determined routes because that way you will be able to spend more data for more time?
  3. The third time we cleared all cache and entered into commute area with cellular data on. It used the same as the first time only 8 MB.
  4. The fourth time we cleared cache with remembered maps, and entered the same destination only from Wi-Fi, in order to see if there will be any difference. Everything was zoomed to maximum and after 15 miles usage was 4 MB which is less than a double from the original of 8 MB.

Google Maps vs Other Maps in 3G vs 4G Data Service Comparison

mapping-usage 3g vs 4g

How to control data usage on Google Maps?

The idea between controlling the usage is to go offline and to remember as many routes as you can because that way the next time you engage into the same route it will take less data than at the first time. There is also a possibility to download offline version [Android| iPhone], however, it doesn’t have that many features and that is the reason people often use the online version.


If you are frequent Google Maps users, we have presented you the answer on question How much data does Google Maps use? It is great if you have limitation and at the same time, you have to control every single KB because your web provider will charge you extra for the data that you have passed.