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The full ring configuration of the Transatlantic-14 (TAT-14) undersea cable system has been activated, providing redundant bandwidth services between the United States and Europe in the event of a failure on the network, the TAT-14 consortium announced Monday.

The TAT-14, which cost $1.4 billion, links Denmark, France, Germany, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and the United States. A consortium of 48 telecom providers designed and built the network.

The transatlantic cable is one of many undersea networks to come online in recent months between Europe and the United States,. Some undersea experts say this has contributed to the short-term bandwidth glut and low prices for circuits. They also say that demand for a connection between Europe and the United States remains strong, and while the price of circuits will continue to drop, network operators will spend less expanding capacity than they did building the network, leading to higher margins once additional capacity is consumed.

In addition to the TAT-14 consortium, FLAG Telecom (www.flagtelecom.com) and TyCom (www.tycomltd.com) have activated transatlantic cables this summer. In March 360networks (www.360.net) announced the completion of 360atlantic, a 11,700-kilometer undersea cable linking Canada, Ireland, the United Kingdom and the United States.