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Free Movie Apps For Streaming Movies On Mobile

Whenever it comes to entertainment, the first thing clicks on mind is watching movies or TV episodes of your favorite genre. Movies are the best source of spending your weekends and holidays alone or with your buddies. For the same, I bring you some best free movie streaming apps that you can download on your smartphone and stream the media whenever you want.

9 Free Movie Apps For Streaming On Your Smartphone

All of these Apps are free and you don’t have to pay any cost to stream. Even being free, these apps lack neither in content nor quality. I am sure you will find all of these apps worthy to visit.

#1 Tubi TV

Tubi TVTubi TV app is as amazing as the website itself, and it is not just about the movies or series, but there is a lot more to stream. Viewers can go for standup comedy, martial arts, foreign stuff, and much more. You just need to perform a one-time registration and there you go to stream all the media at free of cost.

Updates are pretty good and not just Android, but iPhone users too can have the app. It supports several other devices like Amazon TV, chromecast, Xbox, PS4, etc. the app is ad supported as it is a free source and there is always something for everyone to stream. Android App

#2 Popcorn Time

You can say it as the most trending app that provides free streaming. Popcorn Time is a fantastic source to get free torrents for high-quality movies that are 720p and 1080p. You just need one download of the app and go straight to browse the content you want. There are several filters too that can be applied like movies according to Year, category, etc.

Make sure you have a VPN running before you access Popcorn Time so you can be saved by the ISP. Updates are frequent here and the superb quality is a plus. The torrents is another benefit because you don’t have to worry about the downloading link getting expired. Download App

#3 Viewster

ViewsterAnother app for free movies and streaming several other media content is Viewster. Here you get free of cost streaming service and the site needs one-time registration that is too free of charge. Viewster makes it all easy to find out movies and TV series in just a few taps and streaming is like a charm here.

Those who use app won’t find any issue regarding browsing and streaming the content. You can even filter the language and get content accordingly. Other than movie and series there are biographies too which makes it stand among the best and free movie apps for streaming. Android App

#4 Yidio

Yidio Streaming Site Review Which Provides Free MoviesYidio stands for Your Internet Video, the platform receives content from several streaming providers and gets viewers the content to stream. The functioning and interface are easy to understand and by applying several filters, you can get the content of your choice. There are movies, series, and even news divided into several categories.

Here you can stream Live TV, Netflix TV shows, and Netflix movies. Though the website is not that fast in updating the content, there is a pretty cool list of movies and shows that you should not miss watching. Android App

#5  SnagFilms

SnagFilmsEver wanted to stream something that is unusual and not available on every streaming platform? SnagFilms is your answer because here you will find classic movies that are not so popular, there are refugee & immigrant stories, movies for youth, gay pride, and much more unique that is worth streaming.

The interface on the phone comes really easy where you can go straight and browse and shows that you think you would love to stream. You can sign up if you want else leave it and browse the content. Even if the content is classic, it can be set in any screen quality from low one to 720p. Android App

#6  Popcornflix

PopcornflixIt is another great website that you should not miss visiting at least once. The app lets you explore almost all the TV shows and series. There is a long list of genres to stream such as damar, romance, mystery, sci-fi, etc. there are documentaries and foreign films if you are particularly interested in them.

It just needs a little scrolling to find your type of content to stream. Signing up depends on you and for both iOS and Android users the app can be perfect. You will not find the latest ones but there is a wide collection of great films for sure.

#7 Pluto TV

Android App

The next comes among the best free movie streaming apps is Pluto TV. You can have it to stream in your smart TV or smartphone. There are all the popular genres available and you can easily find recently added movies. Those who want to stream live content can visit Pluto TV as there are several channels running live content. Pluto TV can be your next perfect choice if Live TV plus added movies are all you want.

#8 Vudu

Android App

If you want to be updated all the times with movies and TV shows you should always visit Vudu. The website has all the amazing movies and TV series and they always update the content so viewers do not miss streaming the latest. Also, there are no ads and the entire interface is very clean.

For now, there are some recent updates like Tomb Raider and Love Simon. Both movies are fantastic and if you want something animated, then Peter Rabbit is there to keep you engaged. There are some paid deals as well but only if you want.

#9 Mega Box HD


The last one that is worth a visit is Mega Box HD. It is an app that you can have in your smartphone to stream latest movies. Viewers are free to choose the quality as 360p and 720p. The streaming seems very smooth that do not charge much of your data and also allows you to store the movies you want to watch later. This way, it makes the place among the free movie apps for streaming. Another plus point is that you won’t find any ads and so no annoyance at all.