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Everything that you browse is saved and remembers through internet cache, in order to free and speed up your device you have to know how to clear the iPhone cached data. We decided to provide you an article that will tell you all about it so that your iOS device could be fast and better working, but you have to follow steps that we are going to provide you with. Well below mentioned guide will help you to clear cache on iPhone 5, 6, 6s, 7, or even 8. 

What is cached data in iPhone?

In order to understand what cache is, we have to give you an example. Imagine when you visit something for the first time, your brain automatically store the place in your mind so that you could remember about that place next time you see it much quicker and easier. The same way cached data functions and behaves. When you go to some website or use an app, data is stored in form of cache in the memory of the device, and next time when you visit the same website it is easier for the device to find an access because it contains cached data from the first time when you have visited the website.

The main reason why it exists is to make loading time faster and if it has a memory of some data it will not load once again and it will quicken the process of loading the website. It is helpful for smartphones, however, it can take up space and in some period of time, it could corrupt also. That is why you have to understand how to clear cached data from time to time because it could really slow down your device and therefore it could lead to serious damage.

How to clear Cache on your iOS devices?

Cache is found in many different iPhone applications. Safari uses it in order to remember and to obtain all relevant information about sites that you have visited, and in theory, it is used to speed up your browsing experience. However, the main downfall is that consume too much storage space. As his cache is saved on your RAM so with this guide you can learn how to clear iPhone ram.

1. Clear The Safari cache

First, you have to understand how to clear cached data from your Safari browser. You can do it easily from Settings.

clear safari cache

  • Go to Settings and then click Safari
  • You just have to scroll to the bottom and click Clear History and Website Data
  • You just have to confirm to do so and it will be over in a second

You have to understand that when you choose this particular option, it will immediately remove all your browsing data, cooking, history, credentials, websites that you have visited and cached data that you wanted in the first place. As soon as you enter Safari you will notice the difference.

2. Clear the Cache from iPhone Apps

There is no specific option on iOS devices how to clean cached data from specific app unless you uninstall them entirely from your device and there is also the possibility that developed included this particular features in the app, however, that is not the option in most of the apps that are draining cached data. However, the problem with uninstalling the applications is because you will delete all preferences and information that you have collected along with cached data.

The best option how to clean iPhone apps cache and junk files are to install a third party app that will help you do this without any problem. There are many different apps such as Battery Doctor and most of them you can install for free without any additional problem.

  • Once you install Battery Doctor, you will find the Junk Icon on Home Screen below and just go through it and enter it.

Battery Doctor iPhone Cache Clean

  • Open the folder that contains the application cache and click Cleanup Cache.
  • You will get caution message which is important to be read perfectly because you can install some important data that you need. When you read it entirely, press clean.
  • It will clean junk files from your applications, and that may include game progress too, so you have to be certain that you want to do it before you click.
  • The process will start and in a matter of minutes it will be over, everything depends on the amount of memory that you have to erase. At the end, you will get a detailed report about cleaning data and your storage capacity.

Free Up Space in iPhone’s Memory

You can also choose one more feature from Battery Doctor and that is Memory tab. You can use this feature in order to boost your iOS device when it is low on memory. That could be useful if there are apps that you have opened and you never closed it afterward, so that is overheating your device and at the end, it could make your device lose its performances. It could be used also to relieve your RAM memory and to show you all opened apps that are multitasking. In the theory, iOS is a great system that is capable of managing all this, but you must have control in order to see what is going on with your device.

Free The iPhones Memory

After boosting process, Battery Doctor will show you a relevant report of how much data you cleared from your device, however, you must understand that freeing memory doesn’t particularly mean that you will always improve the performance of your iPhone.

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So it is always better not to use it too often because some of these programs are an essential part of your device and by closing them you are damaging overall health.

3. One Click Solution to Clear Cache – CacheCleaner

CacheCleaner cache clear iphone

There is a possibility to clear all app cache, however, you must contain jail-broken iPhone or iPad and you must have access to Cydia with this particular device. It is far easier way than using Battery Doctor or other clients that will provide you similar service. There is a free package called CacheCleaner and it allows you to clear cache quicker and faster than any other similar app.

  • You just have to go to Cydia and add this particular repo
  • http://rpetri.ch/repo
  • When you take care of everything, just manually search for CacheCleaner and install it automatically. You will not be able to find settings for this particular app and you cannot enter directly into it but you have to:
  • Go to settings
  • Click General
  • Find Usage
  • Tap Manage Storage

Find any app for which you want to clear cache and tap on Clear App’s Cache button.

After you finish these steps, your iPhone will be as new and the performance will improve a lot, which means that your unimportant cached data will be deleted in a matter of seconds.

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We have presented you a way on How to clear the iPhone Cached Data, and by now you should understand what you can and what you cannot do.

If you have your own suggestions and experiences, feel free to comment in the section below.