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Games Like Civilization

Civilization is a turn based strategy game developed by Microplay Software and released in 1991 initially. The game begins with the player choosing a civilization to start with. The player here takes the role of that civilization and attempts to build an empire whilst competing with other developing civilizations. Gameplay here includes exploration, diplomacy and warfare. The player has to strategically plan regarding where to build what and how it should be done. The town might also be harassed by barbarians occasionally. As the game advances new technologies and developments take place like pottery and wheel. The players can also build wonders of the world.

Platforms: Play Station, Windows, Macintosh

Games like Civilization (2018)

1. Heroes of Might and Magic III

Heroes of Might and Magic IIIDeveloped by New World Computing and released in February, 1999 it is a turn based strategy exploration and combat game. The player here is in charge of a group of heroes who indulge in exploring the map and creating an army for warfare. On capturing all the towns and enemies in a conquest, the player will be able to collect resources and gain experience points. Buildings, monsters, treasures and mines are spread across the map which provides with rewards.

Platforms: Android, Windows, iOS, Linux, Macintosh OS

2. Age of Wonders

Age of Wonders IIIIt is a turn based strategy game developed by Triumph Studios and released in October, 1999. The game contains a single player who can play from any one of the two campaigns. The map here constitutes of three surfaces like caverns, depths and surface spread across hexagonal tiles. The game also contains 12 races. Based on the alignment and positioning of the cities and units, they can be a friend or enemy to each other. Resources available are gold and mana.

Platforms: Windows

3. The Battle of Wesnoth

The Battle of WesnothThis again is a turn based strategy game developed by David White and released in June, 2003. The player here has to take control of villages and enemies to gain experience. An attack has to be posed only when the conditions like time and terrain are favorable. Various attack systems are available with the units but their defense depends on the type of terrain they are based on. On advancing the power of units increases. Day night cycle is also present in the game.

Platforms: Linux, Windows, iOS, Android, Macintosh OS, AmigaOS, Web browser

4. Endless Legend

Endless LegendIt is a 4X fantasy based turn strategy video game developed by Amplitude Studios and released in September, 2014. The player can choose from one of the eleven playable factions and the gameplay here includes diplomacy, exploration, research and conquest. The map includes diverse terrains made of biomes. The player’s aim is to control a fantasy fiction and establish an empire. Fog of War is used by the units to cover a specific are for exploring and acquiring resources and minor factions.

Platforms: Windows, Mac OS X, Macintosh OS

5. Rome: Total War

Rome- Total WarIt is a real time tactics and turn based strategy game developed by Creative Assembly and released in September, 2004. The player starts as the head of one of the three Roman houses and progresses to conquer the entire province by both capturing and gaining the trust and support of other houses. The player has to tactfully build and upgrade the structures, walls, barracks and military units to protect its people. Each faction here has its own unique set of attributes, skills and objectives.

Platforms: Windows, OS X, iOS

These turn based strategy video games require a lot of planning and proper execution to be able to accomplish the objectives successfully.