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Best Free VPNs

You are all forgetting that the Internet is a suitable place for tracking you down. Even though, there are many numerous security apps and anti-viruses that could protect you from malware and hackers, if you enter the dangerous and warning zone, you could be found with any problem. They just have to check your IP address and you are tracked, in a matter of seconds. If you connect to the public network, which is the very great thing to do because it is free and often very fast, that is a great possibility for attackers to find you and to take your personal information.

By entering VPNs or Virtual Private Networks you will be able to secure your connection and to provide better control on how you are online. You can also use it to stream many videos that are unavailable due to copyright law, so in some countries, there is a possibility of law finds you doing something illegal, and one day you arrive in court just for streaming your favourite show. Even though you are new to the term of best free VPN services for windows, that is one of the greatest and most reliable tools that could help you stay secure and anonymous.

What Is a VPN?

VPN is a protocol that is used in order to ready encrypted and therefore secure connection. You can think of it as a tunnel, between the server and your computer which is highly maintained and operated by VPN service. When you connect yourself to VPN all network passes through your tunnel, however, your ISP server cannot track anything that exists.

However, you have to understand that VPN is not foolproof, and that means that if someone is persistent it could make a breach on your defences, but by using VPN you can protect yourself from criminal vacuuming and mass data collection.

How to Choose a VPN Service

There are many VPN providers for torrenting that appeared in the past few years, and all because the security of customers became the number one problem. There were many concerns about cybercrime and surveillance; so many people get their VPNs even though they don’t understand the full context inside of it. They just think that these security tunnels could help them stay anonymous through the web. However, there are also many fake VPNs that are here to take your money away without providing you with any service, and then imagine that you enter the website that is controlled by copyright law. You will be prosecuted immediately.

There are different VPN services that you could pay. Some of them are free and we have listed them in this article. However, you should be able to understand what you are paying for in order to purchase a full membership. There are also many providers that could give you free trial in order to understand what you can do with it, or some others have money-back modules that will return your money if your satisfaction isn’t complete.

Can You Trust Your VPN Service?

There are many services that could help you secure yourself, for example, if you use service in order route all internet traffic through your servers, you must trust your provider. You can choose for example established company such as F-Secure that became popular overnight and today it is one of the most popular free VPN service agencies. There are many different moments that you have to understand before you buy a subscription.

At first, it is the best to be fully transparent and to search for privacy policy in the agency that you want to choose. Read well what their responsibilities are and what are not. Some of agencies and companies will explain you, and some won’t, but you will always need to read whatever says in the contract before you sign it.

It is important to understand that VPN cannot save you from everything and it will hide your IP address, but it will not give you full anonymity.

We present you 15 best Free VPNs

You can use these below services for Chrome, Mac on Windows Operating System even for torrenting. You can access Netflix on them as well.

1. Spotflux VPN

Spotflux-VPNThis particular VPN app is great if you want to choose two levels of protection that could be available for your devices. However, it reduces the consumption of compressing data that are here to reach bandwidth. It is a great choice if you want to secure all your data from your device.


2. Hola Free VPN

Hola Free VPNHole Free VPN is completely free VPN that could be attached to android and provide you great features. It contains access to blocked content and it will give you total security during your surfing hours. It will also speed up your connectivity and you will be able to connect it everywhere because it contains servers all over the world in more than 190 countries.


3. Hotspot Shield VPN Proxy

Hotspot Shield VPN ProxyThis particular VPN provider has more than 300 million downloads all over the world. It contains all important features that one VPN app should have and you will get HTTPS encryption that will secure all your connection especially Wi-Fi so that you could enjoy your favorite movies without any worries.


4. SecureLine VPN

SecureLine VPNYou wouldn’t believe that this app was developed by Avast and even though their main concern is to build one of the best and free antiviruses on an international level, they have great VPN available that could encrypt your data by using IPsec protocol which makes it unavailable for hackers to breach it break it. You can also you public Wi-Fi without any concerns, and what is most important you will be able to perform everything just with one click.

5. Hideman VPN

Hideman VPNThe main possibility that this particular VPN service contains is to secure your data in order to reach the blocked sites and it also uses 256-bit encryption key which is very difficult to breach. That makes chaos in original data and that is why no one could understand or determine what you are doing, which is great if you chose to visit restricted websites. You will have the possibility to use it five hours on weekly basis; however, if you get the premium you will have the possibility to do it all the time.

6. Touch VPN

Touch VPNTouch VPN gives you the possibility to encrypt all important data by using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) which will allow you to maintain encrypted and secured link between client and server. It will also conserve your battery much efficient if you compare it to other similar apps and services. It is great if you want to use VPN service that has many features available.


7. Speed VPN

Speed VPNThis app is great because it allows you to enter the internet on whatever server that is located all over the world. It is specifically designed for web surfing and you will be able to unblock any geographically restricted site and you will be also able to watch HD resolution videos. One downfall is that every connection lasts 60 minutes; however, you can reconnect yourself with just one click.


8. Super VPN

Super VPNThis is a great app that is popular all over the world with more than 5 million downloads and installs all over the world. It gives you the possibility to encrypt traffic in order to receive and transmit all data that you received from the third party without any registration or changing the settings on your device in some special way. You just have to tap or click and you will be able to enter those websites immediately.

9. Flash VPN Proxy

Flash VPN ProxyThis particular app will always provide you with encrypted and in the same time secured VPN network that could remain intact from all who want to reach it. The most amazing thing about this particular moments are because it is very simple to use and it runs smoothly on all devices, so you just need a connection and you will be able to use it without any problem. There is free and premium version and for the premium, you can use it all the time.

10. Mobiproxy

Mobiproxy vpnThis is very useful VPN service that will give you the possibility to access to numerous restricted websites without providing the information to your ISP and therefore secure yourself from any kind of law issue. It gives you the ability to secure both incoming and outgoing data.


11. Psiphon

Psiphon vpnPsiphon is a great way and great service that you can use in order to secure your VPN data tunnel. You just have to define which features you want to use and with a very simple guide, you can achieve anything and surf without the possibility to get caught.


12. Zero VPN

Zero VPNThis service will give you protection and security free of charge and without any additional problem. You just have to install it and it will facilitate in your connection so that you could be anonymous.



13. VPN Master

VPN MasterThis is one of the best and most popular VPN services because it is very simple to use and it is too efficient. It will allow you to connect all over Europe, Asia, and America.



14. CyberGhost

CyberGhostCyberGhost is a great app that allows you to enter into banking-level security. Your concerns are the part of the past because with it and you will maintain all your apps and data that could interfere with your personal information. The most amazing thing is that CyberGhost will always respect your privacy and therefore all information will be protected. There are two different versions and in free mode, you will be able to connect to 23 different servers in 15 countries, while premium gives you the ability to access more than 300 servers in more than 23 countries.

15. Tigervpns Android

Tigervpns Android VPNWith this app, you will be able to protect your privacy and to hide the source of IP address which is most important if you want to stream unavailable and restricted sites. It contains 500 MB of free traffic before you decide to purchase a premium version which doesn’t have any limitations.


These 15 best free VPNs could be your great allies during your streaming hours, however, you always have to consider that someone could catch you and find you. VPNs are a great defence mechanism that is very difficult to breach, but it is not impossible, so stay secured and think before you do.