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Best Free Antivirus Programs 2018

Similar to diseases for people, there are also contagious issues that could make your PC sick, and by that, we mean that it will slow down and at some point maybe the system will fail because of overload. It could also expose your important information and take the advantage of you. That is why you need the best antivirus software possible, however, most of them are premium and that means that you have to pay in order to use it. There are many companies that provide free trial versions or completely free versions for your home PC. We have compiled a list without free trial antiviruses, we present you 14 best free antivirus program:

1. Avira Free Antivirus

Avira Free AntivirusThis particular antivirus is capable of protecting you from spyware, malware, adware, Trojans, and many more viruses that could make your PC malfunction and that is why it is one of the most used and best free antiviruses. It is familiar with most of the viruses that are available on market and it frequently updates in order that something new gets in the touch of the worldwide web. You just have to install it and afterward make the configuration which is not that simple but not as difficult as other premium antiviruses. It perfectly works on every Windows and iOS.

2. Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition

Bitdefender Antivirus Free EditionBitdefender is great antivirus that contains many important features that will always keep you safe and protected no matter where you are. It is very simple to use and to configure, and what is maybe most important it doesn’t use many system resources, therefore it won’t slow your computer and it will not make you offers to buy the premium version which could be very annoying. Get it here


3. Ad-Aware Free Antivirus

Ad-Aware Free AntivirusThis particular program is different than “Ad-Aware”, and you are probably familiar with it because it is made in order to free you from any kinds of ads. However, this is a very different program and great because it contains many features that will help your PC stay in perfect and secure condition. It is compatible with Windows and iOS.


4. avast! Free Antivirus

avast! Free AntivirusThis particular software deserves to be the top antivirus available because it contains all features that premium antiviruses have and it is absolutely free of charge. It could interfere with your PC in order to search spyware, viruses and to protect you from any type of malware from the Internet, E-mails, and instant messages. It also contains heuristic engine that could detect unknown malware and viruses. The funny and important fact is that exists since 1988 and it is one of the most installed Antiviruses ever. Get It Here

5. Amiti Antivirus

Amiti AntivirusAmiti antivirus is one of the most popular free antivirus programs that have many features and additional scanning and it constantly gets updated with new firewall protection that will secure perfectly your PC. You can use it on every Windows operation system. It is very simple and easy to use. Settings are designed on the left side and you will be able to scan everything and to get a full detailed report about your PC condition. It also has the possibility to clean your browser cache in order to improve the speed of your computer. Get It Here

6. AVG AntiVirus Free

AVG AntiVirus FreeAVG is great antivirus that contains many important features and tools that will make your PC fast and protected all the time. It contains antispyware and antivirus in the same time and also email scanner, link scanner and much more options and updates. What is the most important it is absolutely free so you can just download it and install it? It works on all platforms and there is also an Android and the iOS version that is also great like the PC version.

7. Baidu Antivirus 2015

Baidu Antivirus 2015Baidu Antivirus 2015 is great because it doesn’t take much memory and it fights decently in order to keep your PC safe and protected from any types of malware and cloud-based viruses. It also contains an anti-hacker firewall, webcam protection, anti-phishing protection, download protection and other features that make it very important for free antivirus on market. It updates automatically and it will always scan USB before it is turned on. It has very quick turnaround if we compare it to other similar antiviruses; however, it is more functional because it has so many features. Get It Here

8. Comodo Antivirus

Comodo AntivirusThis excellent program is one of the greatest and securest free antiviruses on the market. It has the possibility to protect you from numerous threats, and it will always give you full protection during your surfing hours. It is great antivirus solution because it contains great Defense+ technology, which automatically finds out which files are corrupted and which are not. It is silent but very effective, so it should be your choice, too. Get It Here

9. Rising Antivirus Free Edition

Rising Antivirus Free EditionBased in China this is most used antivirus program in that part of the world made by Rising Software. It is considered as one of the most attractive free antiviruses and you can install it next to another program because it is very lightweight and you can use it on every platform possible. Get It Here


10. ZoneAlarm Free Antivirus + Firewall

ZoneAlarm Free Antivirus + FirewallWe present you a combination of firewall tool and free antivirus. The makers of this particular antivirus were in business for a long time and that is why they decided to build one of their own free antiviruses that will give to every PC full protection from Internet threats. Get It Here


11. FortiClient

FortiClientThis antivirus program has numerous features available such as parental control, firewall, web filtering, optimization and other tools that could be useful if you use your computer for business use. It is widely recognized as a threat management tool. Even though that could sound complicated, it is very simple to use and you don’t have to worry about design because everything is transparent. After easy installation, you will be able to let it go because it will automatically do scanning and protection without your need for interfering. Get It Here

12. Immunet

ImmunetImmunet is very different, cloud-based and unique antivirus programs that will keep your PC protected from any kind of bots, Trojans, viruses, worms and spyware that could affect the overall health of your computer. It is great antivirus because you don’t have to update it, and it could run next to another antivirus in order to keep the overall protection at its maximum. You can run it on every Windows possible. Get It Here

14. Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE)

Microsoft Security EssentialsThis particular antivirus program is one of the best free antivirus programs. Microsoft made new antivirus in order to protect you from numerous threats such as malware and viruses. It updates automatically and it is very simple to use, even though if you don’t know anything about antiviruses. It is software that you can download directly from Microsoft and it is perfectly accommodated to any version of Windows. Get It Here

15. Panda Protection

Panda ProtectionPanda Free Antivirus, or widely known as Panda Protection, is antivirus that will provide you protection from many threats such as Trojans, adware, viruses, worms and much more, and it functions similar to any other antiviruses from this list. What makes it great is because it does a great job for cloud viruses and malware, which makes it one of the best protectors from internet threats and what is most important it won’t slow your PC, so you can use it freely with other antiviruses in order to maintain your overall protection. Get It Here


Antivirus is the indispensable part of your system especially if you frequently surf the web because one tiny problem that could happen, could make your PC slower and at the end, it could kill its system in a matter of minutes. You don’t want that to happen, so you can choose of these 14 best free antivirus programs and you will be happy because you have listened to us.