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You’d think if you sent out a letter saying you were spending more than $18 billion to upgrade your wireless network, you’d get a lot of positive reaction. That’s not the case for AT&T.

The carrier’s customers have opened their mailboxes this week to find such a letter. But instead of rejoicing in the changes that could decrease the number of dropped calls and spotty coverage, a high percentage of the customers commenting on AT&T’s Facebook page are ripping the carrier for the same problems they’ve been experiencing for a while. The tone of the letter, which actually invited comment, might not have helped. It includes verbiage like “making your wireless experience even better,” which implies that it’s been great, and will now be exceptional. While that might be true for some users, for others, it’s not reality.

Some of the Facebook comments include:

It’s always nice to hear that AT&T is spending so much money on improving their system. I would think they have to since they are so far behind everyone. It sucks having to play catch up.

I am not thrilled with AT&T coverage for my iPhone 4. I have MASSIVE dropped calls…

I recently switched from Verizon to AT&T. I travel to Southern California, Arizona, Hawaii, and Las Vegas for business. The coverage is simply not as good as Verizon. Verizon covers more area than AT&T and the service within the serviceable areas is better. My Iphone 4 drops calls every day.

Now that’s not to say that all of the comments are negative. Some say they don’t know what all of the fuss is about because they’ve never had problems with AT&T’s coverage; however, of the first 20 posts on AT&T’s Facebook page at the time this story was published, just about all included a complaint.